From the place where We are Right, flowers will Never Grow

The Iron Wall is existing about 10 m(30 foot)border made of solid concrete between Israel and Palestine that more than 700km long (440 miles). The wall not only divides residential areas of Jewish and Palestinian, but rises as a symbol of peace and safe for Jewish, and also a symbol of violence and hate for Palestinian. Moreover, in these countries, it changes frequently what is a justice because it’s depending from which side of this wall is he stands.


Jewish people created Israel from a history of persecution. Instead of them the Palestinian people are now persecuted. Born and raised in this place, have a roots at, and will die here. The fear that be threatened such minimum identity removes one’s guilt feelings, accelerates a fragmentation, and don't give any time to conflict. Mostly nobody in the world aware about it except the people lives in this place.

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